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Collect your photos

Here’s what happens next

Fill out an enquiry form and let us know the dates and location you would like your holiday photographer to meet you. Once we have confirmed availability we will send you confirmation within 24 hours of your enquiry.

Once a holiday photographer’s availability is confirmed, we will officially book for your required dates and location. we will connect you with your photographer and you will be able to begin planning your photo shoot for your holiday. You will be able to arrange a time and place to start coordinating your custom holiday photos.

The Freeze-Frame photo shoot begins

Once everything has been coordinated, you will meet your photographer and start the Freeze-Frame photo experience. Your photographer will be able to show you the best spots to capture those fantastic holiday memories that will last a life time. Forget the selfie stick and enjoy the moment!

Get your photos

Relive your holiday! We will send you sample photos within 48 hours for you to view and then within 7 days you will receive the full album via an online gallery where you can download images and order prints.

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