Freeze Frame is a holiday photography service based in the French alps pairing holiday makers with professional photographers to capture their memories for a lifetime to come. We specialize in adventure holidays such as skiing, snowboarding, cycling, surfing and many more other activities.

Inspired by photography, travel and what can come from a great photo, our aim is to create beautiful memories for people that will last forever. Put your phone away, forget about a selfie and let freeze frame capture your adventure. Too many times we see people caught in the moment of trying to get the perfect picture and they are forgetting to soak up what is right in front of them. Freeze Frame encourages you to enjoy your holiday, enjoy the experience whilst we provide professional pictures that you will admire over and over.

We hand pick professional photographers with a local knowledge of the area to give you the best experience and quality photos of your holiday. We are in a world where photos and memories get lost in among a thousand other meaningless photos on your phone and social media. We are coming to a time where a generation of photos may be lost. With Freeze frame we will create memories you will enjoy showing off to your friends and family for generations to come.

how it all started

Josh Nisbet, a former account manager, for an extreme sports brand, founded Freeze Frame in 2018. Josh had spent many seasons in the Alps as a young snowboard seasonaire but had always come away without many, if not any pictures to share with the family and friends at home. The main reason being that he was either in the moment of enjoying the mountain or he was behind the lens taking photos of others. If he had tried a selfie, not everyone would be in the shot and when asking other holidaymakers to take a shot for him they would mostly be out of focus. The idea was born. Why can’t we provide a holiday photography experience so others can enjoy the activities they like the most whilst not having to think about getting the perfect picture!?

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